My name is Nieta Nandram, I am a Dutch citizen, been working, certificated, for almost 13 years with little children aged 0 to 4 years. Since my childhood I took care for others, for example for my parents. Taking care and working with  little children, is all that matter to me.

* Ranis Speelhuis, I am the owner, since 2011, is a friendly, warm and safe foster parent day care ( in dutch ” gastouderopvang” ) in Diemen zuid.  A safe place, for example, Burglar, smoke, fire alarms , babyfoon  and safety bars are present !!  My CREDO  sounds : ” Rules, Break hours, Purity and flexibility ” , I am preparing the little ones for ” the elementary school ”, because when they reached the age of 4, they will unfortunetly have to leave ” Rani’s Speelhuis ” .

There has been Always the posibility to talk  about day care for your child(ren)  in Rani’s Speelhuis.  But be aware, there is a waiting list.  DUE to my tide planning – schedule, parents who responded quickly, are preferred !!. Feel free to contact me on duty- hours for more information by email or mobile phone :  or  (+31) 6 58763487 ** We are open at Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10:00 am.  untill 12:00 pm; Wednesday is my day off.

In the weekend, Rani’s Speelhuis is closed !! ** Back to homepage

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